Below are the setup settings I will be using for Event #2 in Season #2 of RallyLeague.

Damping on both ends of the car are left at stock settings supplied by Codemasters for this event.


I use a brake pedal that is a load cell so on tarmac I found it is always a good idea to increase bias and/or strength to meet the needs of the higher speeds I generally see.

Mini Brakes


On corner exit I like to increase forward bite slightly by using increased driving lock and preload.

Mini Differential


Gearing is lacking so I increase all the gears slightly to get away from theĀ horrible 1st gear starts and hairpin exits, then lower the final drive to increase top speed in each gear.

Mini Gearing


The front suspension should already be basically slammed but I also lower the ARB and perhaps the spring rate, or increase the spring rate depending on how it handles the snow and icy sections. Those are the most dangerous so you should be setting up your car for handling in those slow & slippery sections.

Mini Front Suspension


I very rarely use any toe in my setups, so this is generally a good time to check to see if you need to remove it.

Mini Rear Suspension

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