Customize your Field of View FOV in Dirt Rally for better simulation!

First a few notes, somewhere in the math on FOV settings in Dirt Rally Codemasters has made a mistake in their math requiring us to enter double the actual FOV angle in the settings to get the desired effect.

Locate the following two files as they will be needed to customize your field of view.

[Your Documents Path]\My Games\DiRT Rally\hardwaresettings\hardware_settings_config.xml

[Your Steam Path]\SteamApps\common\DiRT Rally\cars\generics\eyefinity_cameras_adjustments.xml

Make sure that Dirt Rally is closed before modifying these files, we suggest saving a copy of these files at this point prior to making any modifications.

Note: We suggest using wordpad, not notepad, to open and edit these files as it will properly format the text making it easier to read and edit.


Dirt Rally FOV configuring the hardware_settings_config.xml

Using Wordpad open the ‘hardware_settings_config.xml’ file and locate the following line:

<eyefinity force=”” osd=”” />

As an example if you have 3 screens in landscape or one single screen then you’ll probably want to change it to:

<eyefinity force=”3×1″ osd=”” />

For 5 monitors in landscape use: <eyefinity force=”5×1″ osd=”” />

For 2 rows of 3 monitors use: <eyefinity force=”3×2″ osd=”” />

For 3 monitors in portrait mode use: <eyefinity force=”3x1p” osd=”” />

and so on…

Change the eyefinity force value above to your specific monitor setups value and save the file. By setting this value you’re customizing Dirt Rally’s in car camera and your in game Field of View FOV.


Now it’s time to modify eyefinity_cameras_adjustments.xml then we’re done!

Using Wordpad open the ‘eyefinity_cameras_adjustments.xml’ file and locate the following line:

<CameraAdjustment class=”Head”>
<Fov angle=”70″ />
<Tilt percent=”100″ />
<Position x=”0.0″ y=”0.0″ z=”30.0″ />

Now let me explain what the values above mean so you know how to edit them to adjust your setup to best suit your monitor setup and location.

“Fov angle” This describes the the Field of View FOV angle for the camera, click here to check out this awesome Dirt Rally FOV Calculator!

“Tilt percentage” This is the tilt level of the camera, a value of 100 would be looking to the horizon while a value of 50 would be looking up a little and a little farther down the stage.

“Position x” left to right position of the camera, usually no need to tweak this.

“Position y” This moves the camera up or down in the car, its a bit like how high up you sit in the car, the greater the number the more your head camera moves up towards the sky, the smaller the number the lower you move down in the seat, I prefer to sit up a bit and look up above the horizon.

“Position z” This is a bit like pretending your rally car has a seat slider, like our dodge neon rental rally car does, the greater the value the farther back you slide, play with this number and see what suits your seating position in relation to your monitors best.

Note: when editing “Position z” in some scenarios with some graphics settings and when sitting back too far in the car you can have objects such as HANS Devices in front of you blocking your view.

Thats it you’re all done! Now launch Dirt Rally, join the BRAKIM Racing League, and start racing!

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