This setup is for the Rally League Season #3 Event #2 Ford RS200 on Rally Wales/GB.

The first things you will notice about the Ford RS200, the powerband is short, and it is a handful to control at any throttle position.

RS200 Handling Theory: Being a mid engine 4wd built exclusively for Group B madness, the RS200 is a beast. In order to effectively corner the RS200, you should have the car fully rotated, while applying 40-60% toward full throttle position as you corner. Only fully open the RS200 up (WOT) when the terrain allows your eyes to ensure you have a few moments to do so. This means that there should not be any bumps, jumps, dips, or elevation changes of any kind (you are not prepared for) with which to cause a loss of control. The rear of the RS200 will rotate and skip all over the place at WOT, so only use it with extreme caution.

3 Keys To Success:

1) Modulate the throttle (more so than 2/RWD)

2) Rotate the car prior to corner entry

3) Use the front tires to pull you out of over rotation or excessive slip situations

We will go in order according to the setup menus

Brake Bias: Slightly increase the braking strength but overall braking is not an issue with this car. 2015-11-29_00009

Front Differential: Increase for some more forward bite from those front wheels for those hairy moments you know are coming.2015-11-29_00011

Center Differential: Lowering Bias to show more in the front. All the extra weight in the rear of the mid engine RS200 alleviates any issues with rear grip or rotation.2015-11-29_00012

Rear Differential: It is unfortunate you cannot control lock or preload, for this fact, diff tuning on the RS200 is difficult and can even change from stage to stage on event. I recommend starting low with the rear diff and increasing strength depending on how much understeer or over rotation you are seeing.2015-11-29_00013

Gearing: The RS200 has a very short powerband. Raise the final drive for higher top speed and a longer powerband in each gear. Then increase the first 3 gears slightly if you need a little more to work with in those tighter corners.2015-11-29_00014

Front Suspension Setup: Increase the ride height. Wales has a lot of quick bumps and sketchy berms. Lower the spring rate and ARB, camber and toe. 2015-11-29_00015

Front Suspension Damping: Increase fast bump and threshold, lower fast rebound and threshold.2015-11-29_00016

Rear Suspension Setup: Increase ride height, lower ARB, camber and toe.2015-11-29_00017

Rear Suspension Damping: Increase bump/rebound fast thresholds.2015-11-29_00018


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