This setup is for the Rally League Season #3 Event #1 Ford Escort Mark II on Rally Greece.

The first things you will notice about the Ford Escort Mk2, the stock tune is under-geared in the first 3 gears, and it has a bump/damping issue in the front and rear of the car when landing jumps. This can cause a loss of 4 wheel control as they are not maintaining contact with the ground. Make sure you have the 3 upgrades already unlocked or you will have a hint of bog in your 2nd to 3rd shifts.

Escort Handling Theory: Being a lightweight RWD car, throttle & steering inputs are absolutely critical to total car control. Get comfortable with your left foot braking habits as you will be see-sawing between throttle and brake. As a general rule you should always try to remain on throttle slightly, unless you have not spotted your corner exit yet and you are sliding wide. You may want to stab the throttle at this point in hopes of finding forward bite to save you, or its too late. I find it is best to brake while spotting corner entry, slightly releasing the brake to create rear rotation as I begin to fully commit on entry, but I never fully release until I have begun to spot my exit, on slip angle, then increasing throttle input while releasing brake effort as I exit the turn. The sooner the better, as the brake is only ever used for rotation.

3 Keys To Success:

1) Counter steer after entry is absolutely necessary to completing the corner effectively & in a timely manner!

2) Maintain as much momentum as possible, grip and power are at a premium!

3) Find the slip angle!

We will go in order according to the setup menus.

Brake Bias: Moved the bias a little more forward as the car is already tail happy under heavy braking but does not exhibit understeer under lock up, and when necessary, will allow for further transfer of weight to front wheels while left foot braking.2015-11-28_00014

Rear Differential: Increased preload to maintain on throttle control during corner exit and entry. 2015-11-28_00015

Gearing: As covered in the setup description, the Escort is under-geared early, and needs an increase in top speed overall. Remember that these stages have some of the loosest gravel in DR.


Front Suspension Settings: Max ride height should be set, Greece is brutal. If you drop a tire or hit a berm, you will now be able to soak that up without much issue. Sometimes the berms can save you, and may offer an advantage on late corner exits2015-11-28_00017

Front Suspension Damping: Fine tuning beyond the CM supplied damping is always going to be personal preference outside of the ill handling characteristics. I have increased the fast bump threshold midly to better handle landing of jumps. If you go off sideways, karate kick the throttle a couple times, you may be able to save it. 2015-11-28_00018

Rear Suspension Settings: Increase rear ride height. Rake will not increase grip on this car as far I can tell so it there is none built into the tune. I have also removed toe angle as I care not for corner exit grip, that’s what the throttle is for.2015-11-28_00019

Rear Suspension Damping: Once again, accommodating for the way the car behaves as it lands. If you increase front bump threshold and not the rear, the car will be bouncing all over the place, so increase the fast bump threshold mildly for better handling & stability. 2015-11-28_00020

Good luck!

1st try with tune on Abies Koiláda #11.


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