This setup is for the Rally League Season #3 Event #3 Citroen C4 WRC on Rally Finland. This is the final event of the season! Just in time for the Sweden Stages to be released 12/7!

The first things you will notice about the Citroen C4 WRC, the vehicle feels slow to respond to throttle & braking inputs, has a slight issue with the damping, and is slow to recover

Citroen C4 Handling Theory: Finland requires its own decisive and committed style of driving that plays a pivotal role in the ease of control, and response I have built into this tune. The only time you should be off the throttle is to gather your thoughts in mid air, or to setup up the car as you proceed up the lip of a crest. If you are not driving well ahead of your current obstacle, you will have great difficulty in maintaining the pace required to win, but at least you will Finnish!

3 Keys To Success:

1) Commitment

2) Minimal steering inputs to maintain pace

3) Sisukas!

We will go in order according to the setup menus

Brake Bias: Increase the braking power, you will never need them to actually stop the car. 2015-12-02_00015Front Differential: Increase driving and braking lock as well as the preload to negate some of the front numbness that is present.2015-12-02_00016Center Differential: Increase strength slightly, the torque split is fine.2015-12-02_00017Rear Differential: Increase driving & braking lock, decrease preload to create a little more rotation.2015-12-02_00018Gearing: For Finland, I like to have as much top speed as possible for the long straights where I am flat in 6th for considerable periods of time. However, the gearing seems fine to me, even a little over geared so this will be personal preference.2015-12-02_00019Front Suspension: Decrease front negative camber. 2015-12-02_00020Front Damping: Modify bump settings to better handle landing the large jumps of Finland2015-12-02_00021Rear Suspension: Remove toe, decrease negative rear camber2015-12-02_00022Rear Damping: Once again, modify the bump settings2015-12-02_00023



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